Atlas Orion Prime Anamorphic lenses

Atlas Orion Prime Anamorphic lenses

40mm / 65mm / 100mm lenses T2 PL metric

The anamorphic lenses of the Orion series offer outstanding optical properties without the feeling of having to compromise.

Main features

  • Anamorphic lens series with excellent image properties
  • Interchangeable PL / EF mount for maximum compatibility with cine cameras
  • Image circle of more than 35 mm
  • 270 ° of focus rotation
  • Cine pitch 0.8 mod gear for aperture and focus ring
  • Both 0.8 gears can be operated at the same time

Set consisting of:

Atlas Orion Prime-Objektiv 40 mm T2Close focus: 56 cm, weight: 2.2 kg
Atlas Orion Prime-Objektiv 65 mm T2Close focus: 84 cm, weight: 2,2 kg
Atlas Orion Prime-Objektiv 100 mm T2Close focus: 100 cm, weight: 3 kg

Technical specifications

Front diameter114 mm
Front diameter31 mm
ALEXA sensor coverage4:3 ANA 23,76×17,89 mm
RED sensor coverageHelium 8K 6:5 ANA
Gemini 5K 6:5 ANA
Monstro 7K+ 6:5 ANA