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+  RED Epic M  +  ARRI Alexa   +  Sony F35  +  F3  +  F23  +  HDC-P1  +  EX1/3  +   SRW-1   +   SRW-5800   +   CODEX OnBoard   +   ARRI Alura Zooms   +   Fujinon 18-85mm und 75-400mm   +  Fisher 11   +   GFM Primo   +   Secundo   +   Quad Dolly   +   Panther Twisterdolly   +   Foxykran   +  Nikon D3   +   FGV PL1D   +   PL7D   +   Canon 7D   +   5D MkII   +   1Ds MKIII   +   1D MKIV   +   Zeiss CPII   +   ZE/ZF Primes   +   Hasselblad H3DII   +   ARRI M18   +   High Speed EVGs   +   PROFOTO B2R 1200W   +   Briese Fresnel Spot Flash/HMI   +   Briese 77/100/140/180/220 HMI 1,2/2,5/4kW  


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FGV Schmidle in Munich
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FGV Schmidle in Berlin
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Quality without compromises, innovative and comprehensive service for the best products in the market are paramount for our one-stop shop.

Established already in 1972 FGV Schmidle is among Germany's finest rental houses with bases in Munich and Berlin. International and national productions are supplied from our vast inventory of camera, lighting and grip equipment. A new and very effectively designed and equipped home for our operations offers 5,000m² (54,000 sq ft) of storage space in Munich and 2,000m²(22,000sq ft) in Berlin. Equipment can be picked up or dropped 24h/7days through our service bays. We support you with passion and competence, no matter how big or small your project is.

Our 700m² (7,500sq ft) Munich Studio (ceiling height 12m/79ft) on the same premises makes us the perfect location for a fast and very effective production.