fgv rental studio traverses
rigging traverses for loads up to 2 t
fgv studio kitchen
fully equipped industry kitchen
fgv studio cafeteria
Cafeteria 25 seats
fgv studio wardrobe
large sized wardrobe
fgv studio make-up department
make-up department

separate showers and facilities


  • Three motorized rigs carry loads up to two tons each.
  • The rigs are equipped with power supply, DMX control for lighting consoles, and compressors.
  • An extra car rig enables the exact positioning of vehicles or other heavy loads up to two tons.
  • The studio is equipped with motorized green screen and blue screen curtains covering the entire height of the studio. The curtains can be moved up and down, and horizontally, thus eliminating the usual costs for painting of the walls.
  • A traditional cyclorama covers the entire length of two studio walls.
  • A 7 x 14m (23 x 46 ft) ceiling reflector can also be equipped with a translucent foil providing a gigantic light box.
  • power up to 300kW (440 A)
  • cyc-lights, dimmable, up to 120 kW
  • W-LAN Internet, phone, fax, copier
  • underfloor heating
  • radial fans for fast air exchange
  • burglar alarm system
  • truck sized doors
  • car parking area


  • fully equipped industrial kitchen
  • Cafeteria with 25 seats
  • make-up department with 3 workspaces and a professional hairdresser basin
  • separate showers and facilities for actors
  • large sized wardrobe / costume department
  • production offices
  • media room
  • two sunny patios